Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Huntington City Beach

So, Michelle got this sudden urge to go to California a few weeks ago. She woke up and said: "Let's go to California today." I said, "If we must." So we did. We stayed w/ her friend Nikki and her husband, John.

Top 10:

10. Getting lost on the way there: then, on the way to the new route, running into a major traffic jam! Uggggh!
9. The weather was heavenly.
8. Their house was merely 15 min from the beach.
7. The kids had a blast...it was their first time at the beach.
6. Lydia played in the mud like there was no tomorrow.
5. Russ loved splashing in the water, but soon got very cold and had to change into sweats.
4. Russ only ate sand about twice.
3. Jordo finally got to try surfing for the 1st time in his life...now he's content to stick to the wakeboard...wow that was a lot of work.
2. Sand castles, hermit crabs, burying our feet.
1. Cruisin' down Pacific Coast Hwy....and really feeling California.


Daniel said...

I love when you guys update! Blogging is fun! Love the pictures. Keep em coming because remember, there's one mooney still in utah. And if you wanna take another random trip to California this weekend, I'll be there! hahah

Brent & Paij Collins said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys are getting to have a lot of adventures while we are stuck in Memphis still. I'm totally jealous but glad you're having a good time.

Andrea said...

Hi Michelle! I just read on your blog that you are living in AZ! I'm here too! We're off of Cooper & Ocotillo. Hope I run into you soon!

JJohnson said...

Okay, that is AWESOME! Erick and I need to do something like that it's been a while since we decided to go on vaction the day we left. Those are the best trips!

Mary Kelly said...

Last time I checked your blog was right after Russell was born. Man is he getting big and SUPER cute! And little Miss Lydia- can she just come over to play with me? She looks like the silliest, most fun girl ever!
I'm jealous that you guys got to go to the beach recently. I miss that so much.