Sunday, July 5, 2009

So, life keeps happening for us here in Memphis. Lydia got tubes 2 weeks ago and things went great! She has a follow-up with her ENT on Tuesday and we'll see how things look. The doctor did say that she drained "thick mucus" out of both ears and we are so grateful for modern medicine! Bad news is: she has to wear ear plugs until the tubes fall out and the ear drum heals closed (3-18 months). Yes, ear plugs and 3-year-old's do not mix well.

We actually got a real realtor 3 weeks ago and listed our house with the biggest real estate company in the "Mid-South." Our realtor is very positive and we have our first scheduled showing tomorrow evening! Jordan and I have done project after project to get our house ready for this: paint the entire indoors (doors and trim included), new light fixtures, install attic stairs, build a gate, paint the front door, fix some rotted siding, plant sod, and lots of other various projects. I am actually very proud of us! We have attended the temple once a week for the last 2 months to help us sell our home. So, here we go! We need as many prayers as we can get! August 24 is our deadline.

Jordo is going to clinic everyday right now. He sees pediatric, ocular disease, low vision, vision therapy, and contact lens patients. We will move to Arizona in August where he will work in a group practice. So exciting!

Lydia was playing with Jordo the other day and he wasn't 'cooperating' with her exact plans and she states, "Daddy, you are making me frustrated!" Then she used it again another 5 minutes later. She's 3! She had a birthday party with friends 3 weeks ago: her 'cupcake birthday,' and then we celebrated her actual birthday as a family: her 'cake birthday.' Our daughter is a bonafide fat kid. . . her life revolves around food.

Russell refuses to walk, but he does love to squeal and dance. He says, "Dada" and "muh" for milk. He also signs "all-done" and "milk." He is so fun! At story time last week they read stories about birds and had a woman bring in her parrot. Russell had a squealing war with the parrot, Tango, during the stories. Russell finally had someone who he could speak with!

I am pretty consumed with the house business. Plus we have to move in 7 weeks. Our A/C went out for 2 days a couple weeks back. Now one of our upstairs toilets is leaking - again. This never ends! Oh, but the bright spot in my life is working in the nursery with Lydia each Sunday. Eleven kids in our senior nursery! But I will take nursery over RS Presidency any day!

We are doing fantastic!