Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, Lydia has been battling w/ water and mucous in her inner ear for months now. It has caused her to be hard of hearing, which is frustrating to all involved. The doctors tried antibiotics for a couple of weeks and that cleared out the mucous, but there was still water in there. They discontinued the antibiotics for a month or so, hoping it would resolve on it's own, but instead it has flared up to the way it was before. The funny part is, she doesn't complain about ear pain or infection, but the infection is there. Anyway, the doctor decided to put tubes in her ears on June 22. It is a very common and safe procedure and will fix the problem immediately. The benefits, greatly outweigh the risks. We look forward to this time with nervousness and excitement. I am going to take that day off of school to be w/ her...my heart goes out to her. We are praying and fasting that all will go well and that we will get a good result.