Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Jordo's 26th birthday happened to be the first day of conference and the day we took Lydia to the doctor's office to find out that she had chicken pox. Fortunately we had some good dinner and cake to make it actually seem like his birthday!


Jordan is still in school, we're still in Tennessee, life is still good. Jordo is planning on going to the Dominican Republic in May for 8 days with SVOSH (Student Volunteers in Optometry for Services to Humanity). He's just excited to be able to speak Spanish! I get to go to Arizona to be with my family while he is gone. Wahoo! We have made lots of friends here, Jordo is the ward clerk, I teach CTR 5's, and Lydia is growing up. She is crawling, pulling herself to standing, chit-chatting, and she has developed a social laugh. I try to be funny and at least I get a courtesy laugh now. We love our home and we can't believe we're almost done with the first year of school!

Pollo Pox!

In other words: chicken pox! Jordo was plagued with a case of shingles after he got stung by a bee, and Lydia got the chicken pox after the exposure since it is the same virus. Crazy story, but true. Poor girl is done with the worst of it, but she's still got lots of scabs. It's a good thing she can't itch yet, but really sad to watch her suffer.

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit

Hey everyone. . . we're trying the blog thing. I've never been the computer person in the family, but I am getting a lesson in life about role changes since Jordo is in school. Recently my Grandparents came to visit. We got a stop on the motorhome tour! It was wonderful to have them of course and we were sad to have them leave. Lydia learned to crawl just in time for Grandma who swore she would see her crawl, and they left just before the chicken pox set in.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


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