Sunday, January 18, 2009


Alright, so one of my New Year's goals is to exercise. I've got quite a fan/support base:

This video is priceless (note: Sometimes when Lydia wakes up she has the most wicked, bed-head / rat's nest action going on. The day I got this video happened to be one of the worst/best of those days, depending on how you look at it.). Check her out:

Chrreeees-mas 2008

We spent much of our Christmas break painting the inside of our house, but we did get in the essentials: caroling and cookie delivering, Santa visit, Christmas dinner, etc. Lydia's kitchen was the favorite gift item and now she has a kitchen "just like you, Mommy!"
I felt like Russell got cheated since I didn't get as many things for him. I could only justify it by reasoning that I only got Lydia few things when she was his age as well. Good thing he's not old enough to care. I know I was more distressed about it than anyone else was.
Unfortunately we were not successful with potty training this time around. . . 6 days of almost zero success means we should try again later (I say almost b/c I caught her just as she was bearing down to go #2 and she did a token little gem in the potty and then did the real deal in her diaper 10 minutes later). Yeah, our house didn't smell so good with the painting and soiled clothes hanging everywhere (I refused to do more than 1-2 loads of laundry per day!). Yeah, I'll try that some other time when I get up enough "fight" in me.
Another year and no Christmas card out. I gave Jordo the job of Christmas cards when we got married and he says it's my job. Maybe it will get done one of these years. . . soon maybe.
We had a wonderful Christmas and Christ's Spirit was all about us. What a wonderful season! Lydia loved singing hymns and carols. Her favorite? "Oh, you better not pout, you better not pout, you better not pout, I'm tellin' you why. . . Santa Claus is comin' to town."

Thanksgiving and getting

So, Thanksgiving 2008 was one of the best ever! We drove to Texas to spend our week vacation with my Aunt Diane and Uncle Andy on their ranch. Seven of their eight children were there and my family all drove and flew in also. It was a packed house/dome/horse trailer! We rode horses, checked cows, fed goats and chickens, did a little rooster crowing, slid down slides at the 'park,' rode a wagon pulled by two ginormous horses, played 9-hole frisbee golf on a homemade course, rode ATV's, milked a cow, sang Thanksgiving songs, had a bonfire, and of course, celebrated Thanksgiving with ALL the trimmings. We also read the official declaration of Thanksgiving by Lincoln. One word: FABULOUS! We are so blessed for all we've been given in our lives and for opportunities to give back. We can never be too grateful for all we have been given. We just keep on trying to give and serve in return and keep on loving, living and thanking God along the way.