Sunday, November 2, 2008


Me: "What color are the leaves on those trees?" Lydia: "They're green, ac-choo-wee." And then a bit later, Lydia turns to me with attitude on her face and in response to my question she states, "Um, yeah." This girl wakes up talking and talks all day straight.

Russell is rolling all over the floor now and tonight we put him in the exer-saucer for the first time! Now Lydia can only touch him from a distance and he can have some space. He's still shrieking and sucking his thumb, particularly the left one. I think it's a lost battle and hey, he seems to like it.

Jordo was John McCain and I was Sarah Palin for Halloween, doncha know. We went to a Halloween party and the best moment was when we were walking out the door to leave and this lady says to me: "I hope I'm not the first one to tell you this, but you sure look a lot like Sarah Palin." It's too bad we didn't make Jordo bald, maybe more people would have caught on. Lydia had a blast in her Thai "cos-tee-yume." Russell wore a sleeper that said, "I want my mummy."

Oh and we started a playschool with Lydia this last week. "I'm going to school!" She stated that like she owned the world! What a great idea to start this up.

I taught RS today with a raspy voice and since the rest of the presidency was out sick, I also conducted. The Lord truly got me through that one.

Jordo will most likely be taking an externship in Mesa, Arizona for the fall of 2009 and we will get to live in Chandler with my folks. We are so excited and blessed!