Sunday, May 24, 2009


We went to Colorado to visit with Jordo's family during the first week of May. Well, the real reason was mostly so that Jordo could start networking since we will be moving there in January. So, Jordo worked and the rest of us played! We saw Joey on his mission since it was Stake Conference, we saw friends, and we went to drop-in gymnastics, the butterfly pavilion, the zoo, and to the pool and rec center in Golden. What an amazing week! Highlights were running into Joey at a burger joint (his face was priceless!), feeding the giraffes at the zoo, seeing some of our best friends (the Finley's, the Stahlecker's and the DeShazer's), having a dog around to entertain my kids, playing blocks everyday, enjoying 'dah-fulls' (donut/waffles) for Mother's Day, making Cafe-Rio salad and salsa, and of course seeing our kids adored and loved by family. It is hard living so far away!