Sunday, October 11, 2009

This a bunch of pictures from our trip to the Grand Canyon over Labor Day Weeekend, 2009.

Top Ten Things to Remember:

10. Too many chiefs setting up the tents in a dark campground the first night.
9. Trying to keep the fire alive w/ only 1 small bundle of wood....mmmm s'mores
8. Breakfast burritos and chocolate scones for breakfast.
7. The motorcade for the Chinese consulate.
6. The nazi bus driver...that lady was seriously out of control..."don't make me use this" (as she points to her walkie talkie).
5. Opa smashing a bumble bee inside the bus w/ his bare hands! (And the animal rights lady that freaked out afterword).
4. Opa talking about the group of Mexicans that were on the bus as if they couldn't understand him (just because they're speaking Spanish, doesn't mean they don't also speak English).
3. Making sure Russell and Lydia don't fall off the cliff.
2. Carrying around the stroller and Russell in our arms (why did we bring that stroller anyway?)
1. The perfect weather, the breathtaking views, the fact that we were in the car for about as much time as we were at the Grand Canyon, seeing Aunt Linda at the fire station. OK, that's a bunch of extra memories rolled up into one, but it would have been lame to keep counting down into the negative numbers.


Kat and Steve said...

Fun! I haven't been there in so long. You've inspired me to go back. Man, your kids are getting so big. Crazy. Lydia looks like a little blonde version of you. So cute.

Amanda, Joseph, and Scottie said...

Hey guys. I am so excited to have found your blog. I love the pictures. I can't believe how big Lydia is. I am sorry your house hasn't sold. I loved the pictures from the Grand Canyon. The outdoors is one of our favorite parts living in the west. Hope all is well.